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Bobby Cash Concert
Bobby Cash will be holding an online live concert with the help of Big Band Theory who are promotors of great music. The concert will be on next week Saturday 11th July 2020 8pm Australian (EST) 3:30PM (IST) and will be held on Zoom which means you won't be able to see the show after so make sure to buy a ticket.

Tickets are $25 AUD and can be bought online, click here to buy tickets.

The concert is mainly for Australia as Bobby was expected to travel there this year especially Tamworth the country music captital of Australia but unfortunately all his travel plans and live concerts were cancelled due to the restrcitions.

This new style of online concert is welcome to all around the World and Bobby hopes to see as many people and fans of his as possible at the concert to give some help and hope to the Performing and Entertainment industry and the current world situation. The concert will also be interactive and you can even ask Bobby a question. Be quick to buy a ticket before they all sell out.

To stay up to date with Bobby Cash and see more songs and videos visit his Facebook page at The Indian Cowboy or just click here

If you have any questions please send me an email to burton22@gmail.com or on Bobby's facebook page.

Bobby hopes to see you all at the concert next Saturday!!!! If you have any favourite song requests lets us know on Facebook!!!

Bobby Cash is a unique musician who has proved to the world that music knows no boundaries and that it is a language that brings together people from different lands and different cultures.

Also, he is literally a 'one in more than a billion' country music singing sensation, being the first and only country music artist from India who bears the honor of being the first Indian ever to release albums of country music internationally. Two of the albums are a collection of great original material sung in classic style with a voice nobody would want to forget in a hurry. His music is a blend of traditional country with a contemporary beat, his voice is a rich light baritone with a warm and velvety feel and his brilliant guitar playing brings in the exciting elements of the likes of Chet Atkins and Jose Feliciano.

A large part of his live action is Bobby flying solo - just him and his guitar - he is one of those performers who can understand what his audience wants, and can cause them to smile or sit back with moist eyes...
His entrance is a simple walk in, and perched on a stool, he transports one into the world of his song, with the stage alive and vibrant with energy...
Bobby Cash
Bobby Cash grew up in Dehradun, a place nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas in India. Being the son of a very wealthy man of his times, Bobby had an unusual childhood with a taste of the best of the East and the West, which included records from Nashville, of which his family were very fond of. Throw in a dash of history, for Bobby's parental generation went through the turmoil and heartache of the Partition of India, and Bobby had all the ingredients of Country Music right there in his own backyard.

'Country Music was the sort of music that fitted in with the way I was growing up, the beautiful place I grew up in and my close family. My earliest recollection goes back to hearing records playing that my aunt would send from Nashville,' says Bobby, and his inspiration for his songs, as he puts it, 'have come from within and without'.

'Also, country is the most natural style of music for me to play'

Ask him why, and he says, 'I think country music is very close to the Indian psyche, because it is about life and roots and family and home, and all of these things are very close to my heart.'
Bobby Cash
His international career began when he was invited to the Tamworth Music Festival in Australia and became the subject of a documentary in 2003. Starting with busking in the street, Bobby became the smash hit of the festival, drawing huge crowds to him. Before long, he was playing to packed houses in Tamworth and for Bobby, an amazing journey began. Soon he was all over media, appearing in numerous television and radio shows.

Since then, Bobby has been touring all over Australia and other parts of the world, and is a top-selling Independent artist.

In 2005, Nashville called, when Bobby Cash was nominated in the Global Artist category by the CMA. Bobby got a standing ovation from the President of the CMA, Ed Benson, who called him the 'real deal' at the Global Artist Showcase on The Stage, Broadway. The trip also introduced Bobby to music lovers in America, who were totally blown away by his singing and unique abilities on the guitar.

Bobby has played at some of the top venues in Nashville, appeared on WSM Midnite Jamboree at E.T. Troubadour Theatre, and other places including Billy Bobs in Dallas, Fort Worth.

This outstanding Independent artist continues to spread his music, proving to the world that music indeed is a common language. And be it the honky tonks of Texas, or far North Queensland in Australia, or whether it is the radio in Denmark, Germany or France or his own homeland, people love him and his music.

As for Bobby, who loves music and who loves people - Bobby Cash is always on Song.
Cowboy At Heart (2003)
Bobby Cash Cowboy At Heart
Phoenix To El Paso (2004)
Bobby Cash Phoenix To El Paso
State Of My Heart (2006)
Bobby Cash State Of My Heart
The Indian Cowboy One In A Billion (2003)
Bobby Cash The Indian Cowboy...One In A Billion
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